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Revolutionising insurance one API at a time

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Digitise insurance policy binders

Lami's team of insurance professionals and insurance experts developed methodologies and frameworks to transform traditional insurance binders into powerful digital products that have extensive capabilities and flexibility.

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Design tailored insurance products

Insurance in the digital world is dramatically different from traditional insurance. By moving online, you open the door to a world of opportunities and solutions that will transform the policy and claims workflow and dramatically change how you run your business.

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Design innovative customer experiences

Building customer experiences around financial instruments and particularly insurance products is a sizeable challenge can make or break a digital venture into insurance. At Lami, our team developed several successful digital Fintech experiences that delight customers.

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Uplift your insurance

Insurance API

A robust API that transforms insurance.

Our revolutionary insurance API reduces your time to go to market to a few weeks and cuts your IT budget by 90%. It only takes minutes to create an insurance product and provide your engineers and developers with a simple API to embed.

Digital insurance management

Streamline insurance policy and claims servicing

An entire ecosystem of apps and management dashboards that optimises the operations of a digital insurance, and capitalises on connected networks to provide superior services to customers.

Risk analysis & performance monitoring

A modern approach to risk

Our analytics and fraud detection technology allows to get an unprecedented insight into your business and your customers, and understand the metrics to move your business forward and reduce your exposure

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