Digital Insurance Products

Car insurance

A Real Success

A smart car insurance that allows you to do a lot more than the traditional car insurance sticker. Digitisation allows car insurance to become flexible and adapt to the lifestyle of the driver.

Travel insurance

Perfect Execution

Enjoy the benefits of connectivity and give your customer an advanced travel insurance with a fully automated policy and claims servicing workflow.

Goods insurance

Always Protected

Mitigate your risk exposure to the loss or damage of goods in transit, and offer your customers the option to protect their goods at home.

Medical insurance

Simple and Revolutionary

Connect to your customers in real time and create a live stream of information to monitor the health of your customers, prevent diseases, and incentivise positive habits.

Weather Index

Climate Proof

IoT devices, drones, and satellites among other sources of information allows the real time monitoring of weather conditions. Subscribers will not need to file a claim or wait for settlement, they will receive their sum insured systematically.

Livestock Insurance

More than insurance

The ability to receive real time information on the health of cattle and loop information back to the farmer allows for proper care of livestock, timely preventive actions, and effective treatment of the cattle.

Our insurance technology allows for endless possibilities to design, create, and deploy a variety of insurance products. Using the Insurance API, you will be able to embed insurance products seamlessly, and offer customers an unparalleled experience and quality of service.

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