Take control of your business’s insurance needs and optimise your budget

Adjustable benefits and cover, pay-as-you-go premiums.

Our platform helps businesses large and small to better manage risk through an expertly designed customer experience. Whether you offer competitive insurance or employee benefits, our technology allows enrollment in the right product in a few simple steps. Filing and tracking claims is fast and comes with round-the-clock access to our highly trained support teams.

Empower your business strategy with an embedded insurance solution


Improve risk cover with tailored policies


Online claims filing and real-time tracking


Tailor your insurance costs to your cash flow


Benefits and perks for your employees


Manage insurance policies and track performance in one place


Access customer support 24/7

A web and mobile platform for on-demand courier services, we delivered an embedded insurance solution that minimizes customer risk and gives essential cover to Sendy’s drivers.

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