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About Us

Founded in 2017, the Company is committed to embracing innovation and leveraging technology and big data to address markets in Kenya and the wider region. However, Lami is not just about technology or risk, but rather a customer centric company with a culture of innovation and creativity, a culture of data and measurables, and a culture of collaboration and solidarity. Our secrets are agility and discipline in the execution of our projects.

​Lami’s purpose is to increase insurance penetration and its distribution beyond the traditional channels, mainly through digital pathways. Our mission is to reinvent insurance products and the relationship between insurers and customers. Lami aims to change the value chain and create better margins and experiences.

The Lami Team

Jihan Abass

Founder & CEO

Jihan is currently a Director and the Founder of Griffin Insurance, which she began with the aim of creating a solution that would not only streamline the entire insurance value chain but also disrupt the insurance business model in the region. Prior to starting Griffin in early 2017, she worked as a sugar trader in the City of London, trading on the New York and London sugar markets. She has an MBA from the University of Oxford and holds an Undergraduate Degree in Finance from Cass Business school, London.

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