Revolutionise your insurance products

Our platform API enables you to automate underwriting, reduce claim

ratios, increase profitability.

Give customers the insurance products they want

Seamless experiences that support certainty and safety in an unpredictable world.

End-to-end digital insurance

Improving process, reducing loss, helping communities

Ease of use & implementation

Streamlined operations

Seamless experiences

Unlocked digital distribution

Our API gives you access to the entire insurance ecosystem

Real time  underwriting

Paperless underwriting drives customer acquisition.

Big data & social physics

Big data drives up-selling and cross-selling.



Custom pricing based on customer profiles and behaviour.

Service provider network

Coordinated service providers offer a seamless customer experience.

Intelligent claims processing 

AI enabled claims speed up processing times and detect fraud.

Rewards & loyalty

Proprietary reward system increases engagement and loyalty.

"We are delighted to partner with Lami to facilitate the access to insurance seamlessly to our consumers in Kenya..."


- Nelly Movine, Head of Financial Services, JumiaPay Kenya

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